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IPA 2016 EU for Serbia – Project “Support to the High Judicial Council“

IPA 2016 EU for Serbia – Project “Support to the High Judicial Council“, funded by the European Union and implemented by GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH)

SCOPE - Project has an overall goal to contribute to the advancement of Serbia's judicial system and Rule of Law in line with the EU accession requirements.


  • Empowering the independence, responsibility and transparency of the judiciary;
  • Capacity building of the Council and its working bodies for the key competences defined by the Constitution and laws;
  • Capacity building of the HJC’s Administrative Office for providing an effective and efficient professional, administrative-technical and other support to the Council and
  • Support to the achievement of objectives and tasks of the Council defined by the strategic documents for the judiciary reform and Chapter 23 of the EU negotiations process.

PURPOSE - To strengthen the HJC’s capacities in the key areas for the execution of its mandate, including:

a) enhancing the managerial skills of the Council staff;

b) developing mechanisms for career development of judges;

c) improving financial management/budget planning and

d) improving the effectiveness of disciplinary proceedings.


  • Improved organization structure and work processes of the HJC, its working bodies and Office; 
  • Improved business processes and capacities of the Office employees related to financial management, budgetary planning, reporting and monitoring the budget resources;
  • Effectivelly implemented mechanisms for career development in judiciary and
  • Improvement of procedures and capacities of the Council for effective management of the disciplinary proceedings.