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Strengthening Capacities of the High Judicial Council and the State Prosecutorial Council”

As stated in the National Judicial Reform Strategy (2013-2018), one of the key preconditions for successful functioning of the judiciary is to continue upgrading the capacities of the HJC and the SPC – as bodies guaranteeing independence and autonomy of courts and judges, and autonomy of public prosecutors and deputy prosecutors – in order to facilitate an efficient transfer of their competences entrusted by the Constitution and relevant laws.

In line with the actual needs to continue with institutional and professional capacity building of HJC and SPC, and in accordance with strategic directions given by the newly adopted National Judicial Reform Strategy, this EU funded Twinning Project is designed to strengthen the overall capacities of the High Judicial Council and State Prosecutorial Council of the Republic of Serbia, in order to plan and implement necessary reforms, during the harmonization of Serbian legislation with the EU acquis.

Beneficiary Institutions:

  • High Judicial Council of the Republic of Serbia
  • State Prosecutorial Council of the Republic of Serbia
  • Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia

EU Partners:

The Lead Partner Member State Institutions:

  • Spanish General Prosecutor’s Office
  • Spanish General Council for the Judiciary

The Junior Partner Member State Institutions:

  • Hellenic Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights

Administrative and financial management:

  • Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas Públicas (FIIAPP)
  • The European Public Law Center (EPLC)

Contracting Authority

  • Sector for contracting and financing of EU funded programmes (CFCU), Ministry of Financeof the Republic of Serbia

Funded by: European Union

Project value: 2,000,000 EUR

Sector: Judiciary Reform

Implementation period: September 2015 - September 2017

Main objectives

This project aims to contribute to the improvements in the area of the HJC and SPC organisational structure and working procedures relevant for the execution of duties of these bodies, as well as to strengthening of their capacities for better performance of specific administrative functions/tasks, such as strategic and budget planning, human resource management, project management and internal audit. The project will also focus on strengthening the council’s capacity in evaluation and promotion of judges, prosecutors and deputy prosecutors, strengthening councils’ disciplinary accountability, Code of Ethics related activities, as well as improving the relationships with civil society.

Project Results

Result 1 - Improve the internal organisation of the HJC and SPC Administrative Offices

Component A - Improve the internal organization of the HJC and SPC Administrative Offices

Component B - Training Needs Analysis

Component C - Improve the administrative control over Courts and Public Prosecutors Offices

Component D - Establishment of pro-active relationships with stakeholders and civil society

Result 2 - Improve the process of evaluation and promotion of judges and public prosecutors

Component A - Improving the Judges and Public Prosecutors recruitment, evaluation and promotion procedures

Component B - Update Central Human Resource Management recording system

Result 3 - Improve the mechanisms for disciplinary accountability of judges and public prosecutors

Component A - Improvement of disciplinary accountability measures for judges and public prosecutors

Component B - Special Focus on the Code of Ethics and current legal framework

Component C – Improvement of the IT database


To achieve the project’s objectives, experts from the Spanish General Prosecutor’s Office and the General Council for the Judiciary, and Greek Ministry of Justice, together with colleagues of the High Judicial Council and State Prosecutorial Council of the Republic of Serbia will organize series of roundtables, workshops, trainings, conferences and study visits.

Project activities will enable the transfer of EU best practices, valuable experiences and specialized know-how between the judicial and prosecutorial institutions of EU Member States and the beneficiary institutions of the Republic of Serbia.